Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Card a Day 2

Morning everyone ♥ 

Look it's not yet 9.30am and I've already made two Christmas cards!  

hahaha  ok I know they are very simple but they count towards the large amount the family need to send this coming festive season and, I have made a Card a Day for Kathy's challenge. So I'm giving myself a thumbsup!

Keep warm everyone.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Card a day

I was full of good intentions to make a Card a Day as Kathy has suggested but have not managed that ... however I did make a card for a friend the other week, do you think that counts?  

I know Kaz has received it now so I can show you all.

I've been practising with my Copic Sketch Markers, thanks Net for some tips, and using some new stamps recently purchased.

Fingers crossed that I can make another card tomorrow.  :) 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Meet my friend

My daughter and I went to Tim Walker's photographic exhibition at Somerset House, London on Sunday.  It was a great exhibition and I would recommend a visit if you are able.  It's on until 27th January next year and it's free!  

Tim Walker is a fashion photographer and uses great oversized props in his pictures.  One of which I had my photo taken with.......

Scary isn't she? and I mean the doll! hahahaha

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Freaky Wrecking

Do you ever frighten yourself?  Well I did creating this page in my Wreck This Journal eeek!

The prompt was to create a drawing using hair .... so having just washed my hair I thought I would create.  After deciding to "draw" a hedgehog I inked the pages with spray ink, thinking it would dry darker brown than it has.  I wasn't sure what to stick the hair down with so used Gel Medium.  I splodged in down onto the page and stuck the hair too it. 

That freaked me out and I tried to cover over the hair with some drawn on spines!  That just seemed to make it worse!  

Hopefully these pages will get stuck together with time and I won't have to look at the offending hedgehog again.  But before that day comes I thought I would frighten you lot with it haha.  

So here goes ...

Told you.  hahaha

x ♥ x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

What I've learnt in September

This post is very "photo heavy" as I didn't get round to posting photos each week to show you my creations for Learn Something New In September.  I've enjoyed limiting myself to just Copic Sketch pens and a black gel pen.  It has also given me some time to experiment with the Sketch pens.  I need lots more practice with sketching too.  But as they say, "practice makes perfect!"

Need to perfect my colouring technique as you can see on this one, although having said that the paper in this book was not the most Copic friendly. 

 I need to practice faces, definately, haha.  Look at this one below.  Very scary, hahaha

I need to learn how to draw hair styles too.

 Some pages are simpler than others as time was a factor.

I like this page, the vegetables look like they have some dimension to them.


Thank you for stopping by my blog and looking at my artwork.
♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Learn something new

Well I did just that on Saturday ... I went to a workshop at Hatfield House on needle felting.  Oh boy was it fun.

I created these three items using the different techniques in needle felting as demonstrated by Lucynda Howard, a very friendly and knowledgeable woman.

I am now hooked and need to source some needles and foam.  I have some wool that my kind friend, Janice, gave me over a year ago now from when she showed me how to "wet felt" that was great fun too.

A bird shaped using a biscuit cutter.

Then using a piece of felt as backing, applying colours to "paint a picture".

Here is a 3D mouse I made using the last technique.  I do think he is rather cute if I must say so myself.  haha