Sunday, 23 June 2013

every cloud has a silver lining

Well what a different turn of events today has been so far.

I was meant to go here


 but didn't read the small print and it is shut on a Sunday ooops.  So instead I went here
 The views were magnificent and you could see as far away as Alexandra Palace!

 I went by myself so here is a self portrait to prove I really did go.
 After the Shard I walked across London Bridge and climbed The Monument all 311 steps!  Even got a certificate to prove that too.  hahaha

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Christmas already???

. . . . no not quite, thank goodness as my jumper isn't finished.

Last night I cast off the stitches for the front and here it is

Cast on the stitches for the back which is patterned the same and then for the sleeves.  If I keep knitting at this rate there should be no trouble getting it done by Christmas but then again who knows.

Don't know if you can see in the top left hand corner but it is raining yet again here so no worries about it being too hot to knit this summer hahaha.  Anyway with Wimbledon on for the next two weeks it is bound to rain non-stop.  

Have a great restful weekend.

- ♥ -

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tortillons and blending sticks

What. . . ? yes I didn't know what they were either haha.  I saw them whilst I was in Dunelm Mill this afternoon and decided to try them.

I've been looking for something to use that was thinner than my finger for blending my pastels and pencils and I think these will fit the bill.  Haven't got time to practise tonight but I'll let you know how I get on with them.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day

Today I want to show you my Dad's card that I made him and also a journal page created today.

I wanted to do something a little different for my Dad's card this year (I usually do something to do with gardening) so found this image sent to me years ago by my friend Kaz (so I don't know what stamp it is) and decided to go with an out of this world theme.

 Do you notice the laying down "e" will it just proves that this card is one in a million tee hee.

The journal page to show today just sort of happened whilst I was sitting at my craft desk.  No plan or thoughts on making a Father's Day page but as I was adding colours and playing with crackle glaze I thought  I would give the taller character a moustache and therefore create a Dad for the smaller character.  Et voile la a Father's Day page.  This is a very mixed media page as I have used loads of different pens, pencils, inks and even an alphabet piece of paper and a stamped image.  These were all just laying around my desk.  Yes, I am very messy.
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I recently got inky and made a background for a birthday card.  I love how the colours have run and created this orangey/pinky effect.

- ♥ -

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Today I want to share my recent adventures with you.

Yesterday to celebrate my neice's 25th birthday we went to the O2 to do this . . . . .  can you see the blue figures on top of the O2?  Well I did that.

It was a fantastic day and I really enjoyed myself as you can see in the photos below.   Do you think the suit is fetching? hahaha

  Here I am again with my daughter. 

 Here you can see the walk way and how steep it was going down.
 Can you see how it drops away?  Thank goodness for the harness.  Can you believe you can access this attraction in a wheelchair?  Yes if you are wheelchairbound you can still climb the O2.  Amazing views too.  Well worth the £30 I thought.


Well back on terra ferma "literally" and here is my 
**pumpkin update**

I now have two plants growing but this is my first seed to germinate and really move on.  The other plant just has it's seed leaves and one true leaf but this one has flower heads as you can see in the second photo.  I think I am winning the pumpkin growing race at the moment but the true competition is for the weight of a pumpkin so who can tell.

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