Sunday, 23 June 2013

every cloud has a silver lining

Well what a different turn of events today has been so far.

I was meant to go here


 but didn't read the small print and it is shut on a Sunday ooops.  So instead I went here
 The views were magnificent and you could see as far away as Alexandra Palace!

 I went by myself so here is a self portrait to prove I really did go.
 After the Shard I walked across London Bridge and climbed The Monument all 311 steps!  Even got a certificate to prove that too.  hahaha


Angelnorth said...

What a shame about the exhibition - hope you'll get another chance to go! Well done on getting to the top of two tall ones - you're getting quite a head for heights these days!

Hazel said...

Shame about the exhibition, but I'm sure the view from The Shard made up for it. I'd love to go up there - must do soon. With John's frequent visits to Guy's I've seen that built from the foundations up. And well done for climbing the steps of the monument - something I've always intended to do ... don't think I'll be trying it now. x

Kath said...

I expect the views were spectacular and think about how fit you will be after all that climbing! :)

Dawn said...

Awe Tracey, how annoying! Lol did Karen tell you about the Exeter craft show disaster last year!!?? What an amazing view though, you brave lady facing all those stairs too!
Huge hugs x

Kathy said...

oh Wow! The Shard is on my to-do list! Shame about the Kaffe Fassett thing though, I bet that would have been interesting

Karen Gist said...

I would have been gutted to miss the |Kaffe Fassett show but the Shard is certainly something to take the mind off that! Its on our to0do list as well. Fantastic views xxx

Kaz said...

I bet you were knackered with all those stairs!! Glad you made a day of it despite missing the exhibition xxx