Saturday, 31 January 2009

Two posts in one day ? ? ? ?

Thought you might like to see three cards I made recently for birthdays. One for a work colleague (the handbag) and two for members of the Bubbly Funk birthday club.

I think every female I have ever made a card for has received a handbag shaped card from me since I began making cards a few years ago. I find them so easy to do now which makes them a lovely quick card to do especially if, like me, you leave card making until the last minute. haha!

The card with the squares on was an idea I had after cutting all the inchies for the Bubbly Funk swap I was part of a few weeks ago and also from Gez who sent me a rather lovely Christmas card with multi-coloured squares on the front. I inked all the edges and now I have an ink pad with chunks out of it. :( Maybe I'm inking wrong - mmmmmmmmmm I'll have to research that or let me know if you have had this problem and figured out a way round it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. x

Q4 of 52

Well here is my fourth installment of 52 this took some time as it needed to dry. Inspired by Jackson Pollock, who's birthday was on the 28th. Although he died some years ago his art has led me to experiment with acrylic paints this week.

I used my ranger paint dabbers straight from the pot and used a stick to apply the paint direct to the tag, some of the paint I left thicker that others. I got into a yummy mess with this one. tee hee

The reverse of the card took some time too as the words where cut out of a magazine "ransom stylee" - this took some time as I found myself reading the magazine rather than finding the words. :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Q 3 of 52

Well I have photographed my number three tag in the sunshine that we had a lunchtime.

Do you believe in fairies? That was the question last week. I'd like to think of them flying around dropping fairy dust and granting wishes but that is the optimism in me. A little part of me is sceptic and wants to say that it is all a load of rubbish but they are cute looking and really do no harm to anyone so let's pretend they do exist.

This card was made using my spray inks from Sticky Fingers onto mulberry paper (got into quite a mess doing this haha) and then torn to make the fluffy edges. The image of the fairy is cut off a Christmas card I received from my cousin. Thanks Sue. x Thought it would come in useful someday.

Well this week's question is making me think, I'll let you know how I get on.

Bye for now.
- x -

Monday, 26 January 2009

52Q a year of mini art journalling

This evening I have posted my first two tags in the 52Q Emily Falconbridge journal tags, read about it on Emily's wonderful blog

I originally was going to use playing cards as I did for the
art journal journey that Emily had on her blog last year or rather the year before. But I wanted to display them as the year went on so thought I would use the tag idea and put them on a ball chain (think that is what they are called haha) and hang them from a hook.

I haven't got as far as finding a hook but I have completed my first two tags and the third just needs to be photographed.

What do you think?

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Let's try another post!

I'm a member of the Bubbly Funk forum (best forum on the tinternet) I think and we have a 25th Club running this year in which we are challenge to make Christmas cards each month. I have signed up to make two a month. (starting small tee hee I know my limits!)

Well what do you know I have actually completed them ahead of schedule and hopefully have posted some photos of them. Fingers crossed.

The first one I used glossy accents and glitter to adhere to a Tesco reindeer that was suppose to be a tree decoration. A bit of messing about with a blending tool (still getting to grips with this) and a Ranger ink pad and the odd bit of doodling.

The second one was inspired by Kathy Black. Over on Bubbly Funk before Christmas Kathy showed us how to make quick and easy Christmas cards so this is my offering. The felt is cut offs from when I made my elf costume for school and a bit more doodling to finish the card off.

And for those who like a laugh me in said elf costume. tee hee!

Right that is enough nonsense see you all soon. x

oh dear what have I started :)

My very first post on my very own blog. Scary or what? I aim to post at least once a week with my mutterings and creations. Can't say they will be earth shattering or life changing moments but they will be a little piece of me.

At the mo I am taking part in Emily Falconbridge's 52Q Challenge. I completed her challenges last year making an art journal journey using a pack of playing cards and very pleased I was too of them. Emily is a great inspiration and I love her use of colour and textures, something I hope to achieve in finding and "searching my art" (tee hee have you worked it out yet?)

Bear with me as I get to grips with this new fangled thing, photos will follow but I can't promise anything. haha!