Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Q 3 of 52

Well I have photographed my number three tag in the sunshine that we had a lunchtime.

Do you believe in fairies? That was the question last week. I'd like to think of them flying around dropping fairy dust and granting wishes but that is the optimism in me. A little part of me is sceptic and wants to say that it is all a load of rubbish but they are cute looking and really do no harm to anyone so let's pretend they do exist.

This card was made using my spray inks from Sticky Fingers onto mulberry paper (got into quite a mess doing this haha) and then torn to make the fluffy edges. The image of the fairy is cut off a Christmas card I received from my cousin. Thanks Sue. x Thought it would come in useful someday.

Well this week's question is making me think, I'll let you know how I get on.

Bye for now.
- x -


Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW this is amazing Tracey...clever clogs! XXX

I love the colour of your blog btw X

Sue said...

This is lovely Tracey. The wording on the back is really thoughtful.
sue x

Di said...

What a beautiful piece of art that is Tracey, absolutely gorgeous xx

Gez said...

WOW, Tracey what a gorgeous job you have done. It looks like a little mossy glade that your fairy is sat in. :o)
You had sunshine at dinnertime :o) hope you made the most of it!!!
Gez. xx

Suzie said...

Oooh this is stunning Tracey!! Love the colours - very beauteeeful!!

Janice said...

A really inspired piece of work Tracey. I am quite envious.

Angelnorth said...

Love all the texture and the beautiful woodland colours Tracey, this is gorgeous! The skeleton leaves are a lovely touch, too!

(hee hee - my word verification today is "disco" - where's John Travolta when you need him?!)

Beth said...
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Beth said...

John Travolta was with me Joanne, LOL!!

Tracey, love your fairy and what you've done to the tag, lots of colour and texture there. Well done. XX