Saturday, 31 January 2009

Two posts in one day ? ? ? ?

Thought you might like to see three cards I made recently for birthdays. One for a work colleague (the handbag) and two for members of the Bubbly Funk birthday club.

I think every female I have ever made a card for has received a handbag shaped card from me since I began making cards a few years ago. I find them so easy to do now which makes them a lovely quick card to do especially if, like me, you leave card making until the last minute. haha!

The card with the squares on was an idea I had after cutting all the inchies for the Bubbly Funk swap I was part of a few weeks ago and also from Gez who sent me a rather lovely Christmas card with multi-coloured squares on the front. I inked all the edges and now I have an ink pad with chunks out of it. :( Maybe I'm inking wrong - mmmmmmmmmm I'll have to research that or let me know if you have had this problem and figured out a way round it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. x


Janice said...

Nice cards Tracey, don't press so hard on that poor little ink pad!

Di said...

Lovely cards Tracey....ha ha at the poor ink meany!!

Karen said...

Brilliant stuff Tracey! Are you sure that you can't find another way of taking out your stress? An ink pad is a bit feeble hon hehe X

Angelnorth said...

These are gorgeous. I particularly like the one with all the little squares, even if an ink pad was harmed in the making! Tell us what kind of pad it was and we'll see if we can help!

Traceyr said...

It was one of those Brilliance Dew Drop ink pads.

You lot make me sound like a right hard nut. :)

Anonymous said...

Those little pads should be able to take more of a battering than that Tracey, haha. Can't wait to see how you ink, lol. You can give us a demo soon....x

Beth said...

I bet you've been inking with the pad on your foot Tracey, lol. Seriously, lovely cards. XX

Kaz said...

Great cards Tracey. Love the squares one.

My ink pad ends up looking worn after I've had an edging session!! Oooeerrr. I think it's because I do it all the time!

Hazel said...

Great card with all the squares (pity about the poor ink pad) and lovely handbag. x

Gez said...

Great cards Tracey. :o)

I've something waiting for you on my blog!! :o)


Gez said...

Thank You for the comments left on my blog this morning. :o)
Mmmm Tracey I know what you're like!! hehehe. Think I might avoid chat tonight!! rofl ..... only joking. :o)

It was a pleasure to give you your 1st award. Your work is so creative & I've seen lots of it on the forum. :o) So your Award is so richly deserved. XX

Have a lovely soak today. ;O)

Gez. xx