Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Joke :) sorry had to be said haha

Well what a day! I had a snow day as I didn't have to go into work, in fact I didn't leave the house. Took a photo for you to look at. I like the way the snow has attached itself to the shapes in the middle of our gate they look like two hearts aaaaah!

Spent the day getting on with a few jobs including making a light box to photograph my creations in as the light this time of year is pants. I'm not convinced that it was worth the time spent on making it what d'you think?

Also included a card I made for my sil and niece and one for a work colleague who achieved another qualification. I also made another card but will show that later.

I'm still thinking of my answers for Gez's kind award that she gave me at the weekend, can't guarantee my answers will be as interesting as hers. lol

Oh and one last thing these three were looking longingly at the snow but I told them snow and fabric are not a good idea. haha!


Gez said...

I thought they were hearts on your gate! LOL
Looks like your light box is working to me. :o) Fabby cards.
Awe, your 3 little guys look soooo cute, do they have names??
Can we have a full frontal next time. ;)
Enjoy your snow day, tomorrow. Tracey. XX

Karen said...

hahahaha I am so going to enjoy reading your blog Tracey!!!! I am loving all your cupcake stuff going on there XXX

Sue said...

I love the view of the hearts on your gate Tracey.
Sue x

Di said...

Ha ha, fab post Tracey, having a good giggle here.