Monday, 23 February 2009

Q7 of 52

Good evening everyone.

Just thought I would show you my latest 52Q tag. This one is what would you do if you knew you could never fail. Well I chose to live on a small holding and start a business maybe craft related or growing produce. ooooo imagine me as a farmer. lol I do have the wellies!I have used recycled bits and pieces on this tag the paper is a Starbucks paper bag, the wording cut from Elle magazine and the trunk of the tree is from a chocolate box.

At the time of posting I am still waiting for Emily to post this weeks' question.


Di said...

I'm liking your thinking on this you want a business partner LOL!

Karen said...

me me me!!! Can I join too?

This is so lovely Tracey and Oh...I just love all your work! X

Angelnorth said...

This is fab - love that your flower is nearly as big as your tree :o)

Gez said...

Great stuff Tracey.
Nice to see your 52Q cards living up to your Art Journal card standards. :)
Just love everything you've done to side 2. Side 1 is fabby as well. XX

Janice said...

How did I miss this? Lovely stuff Tracey. Hmmm been there done that, got a job ha ha ha!