Friday, 29 June 2012


Now the weather here in Great Britain is called a temperate climate and with good reason.  In a day we could have all four seasons hahaha and  that is what it has felt like today.  Mild but breezy this morning, by mid morning (my playground duty) it was April showers.  Walking back to work from lunch it was a warm Summers day (what it should be like here in June) and by the time 3.30pm came along I was wrapped up in fleece and raincoat!  What is all that about?  But I really do love living here and couldn't live anywhere else in the world.

Now onto my photo for today - my first two strawberries.  

With this rain it has produced a bumper crop of the fruits, now all I need is some sun to ripen them.  Fingers crossed for the weekend but I don't hold out much hope.  

Whatever you do this weekend have an enjoyable time. 

- x -

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Daring Cardmakers

Only Wednesday and I have managed to get this Daring Cardmakers challenge done before it finishes haha.  The challenge was to use sweets on your card.  I knew exactly which stamp I was going to employ and here is my quick card.  I love these My Cute Stamps "Sweet Kawaii" stamps.

Monday, 25 June 2012

National Olympic Sports Day

Well today the sun shone and the Opening Ceremony for National Olympic Sports Day went extremely well.  Dances were performed, torches were lit (albeit with the aid of a fan and tissue paper flames haha), flags were waved and songs were sung.

The whole school came together and celebrated the beginning of our week of sports activities for National Sports Week.

Here are the banners our year group made.

I still think the dragon looks very dinosaur like haha.

Let's hope the weather holds up for the other outdoor sports this week.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I've been sew busy

haha get it ... sew? Last night I finally finished my Olympic flag.  What took you all that time?  I hear you ask, well because my felt squares weren't wide enough I had to cut the circle into four quarters then sew them together.  Plus I'm still not very good with the sewing machine haha.  Don't look too closely at the straightness of the stitching it goes all over the place. haha  Good job it is being used as a flag up on a pole rather than closer to the eye as a table cloth.

 But here it is flapping in all it's glory!

Oh knickers I have just spotted a gap in the red ring that needs to be stitched up. Oh well out with the needles again.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fabric Challenge

I have managed another challenge, this time Tando Creative (the wonderful chipboard and mask people).  Their June challenge is to use fabric on your creation.  So I made this card -

SSh don't tell my sister in law but the little Scottie dog is cut from a shirt she bought me for Christmas a few years back tee hee.  I stuck the fabric onto some card to make it stiff and easier to cut. I then used a Tando mask "heart flourish" and Distress Ink pad Chipped Sapphire to enclose the little dog.  A piece of red ribbon and voila a card is born haha.

Do have a go at this challenge there is still time before a new one is open in July.  Thanks for visiting my blog hope to see you again soon.

- x -

Friday, 22 June 2012

what a week

At work I have been extremely busy preparing props for our end of year production amongst other stuff.  One Monday it is National Olympic Sports Day and to take part we are having our own Opening Ceremony complete with torches and banners.  Hence why I have been busy and my hands are aching from cutting out cardboard haha.

I first cut out these two heads (an elephant on the left and dragon *cough* yes I know he looks like a dinosaur on the right)  hopefully the dragon will look better painted red!  These will go either side of our banner which will say "Asia" our year group's continent. My Bahrain flag is hanging on my whiteboard and I made it with felt.  I made three more of these felt flags for the rest of the staff in my year. (China, Singapore and Vietnam).  So you see I have been a very busy bee.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

what a palaver!

I know we don't pay for the service of Blogger but I wish someone would sort the thing out.  For several days I couldn't access my posts and comments.  My son said to try another browser as he read somewhere that there was a problem with Firefox so I signed in with Google Chrome and that seems to have worked.  Well fingers crossed that this post appears.

I am now late with my entries to these two challenges as they both ended on Saturday and a new challenge set.  Hey ho I am still going to show you them anyway.

The first is for the Totally Gorjuss Challenge 135 "Sunshine".  I made this card with an  imaginsence rainbow stamp and a Bo Bunny sun stamped onto patterned paper.

The next card is for Hazel's Christmas Challenge Number 76 feature a creature.  My creature is a cat sporting a Father Christmas hat haha.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I have made.  I hope Blogger gets sorted out quickly. 

Happy Sunday
- x -

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Busy, busy, busy

That is what I have been at my craft desk this week.  I need quite a few cards for July so thought I had better get some made in advance and then I got carried away haha.

I made this erm ..... what do you call a collection of cards a roundup, a herd, a glut???? anyway here they are.

Some different ones in there as I do try to make a card for the person I have in mind hence the Prada dog in the last one.  That is for my neice and the first one for my brother in law.  :)

Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment I do love to read them.
Have a lovely Sunday - at the moment here it is sunny sssh!  haha

Friday, 8 June 2012

A-Z of 2012

I began this journal at the beginning of the year.  My aim is to take a letter (in order) from the alphabet and journal about it at the time.  I am being quite strict with myself and trying not to cheat haha.  I am using a journal with pages that are spiral bound on alternate edges and with gate style covers.

  So far I am up to F.  A was for Art, B for bird, blue tit to be exact as I was preparing the blue bird box for the season.  Shame to say I think I left it too late as this year we have had no residents.

The letter C was for a new car for my daughter you can see that page here,

 D I made a diary of the Easter holidays onto little tags and put them into some pockets I had made in the journal.  I did cram quite a bit into the holidays. haha.

I have journalled about Eurovision Song Contest for E and for F well it is all about flags - it had to be really with all the bunting and flag waving for the Queen's Jubilee.  (see it is not really cheating is it? haha)

I hope to show some more pages from the journal later on.  But in the meantime thanks for stopping by.

love  T
- x -

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hi hope you all haven't developed webbed feet with all this damp weather we have been having in the UK.  Do we still have a drought?  I can't remember want they said. haha.

Well this weather has done one thing that is for sure, made my garden grow.  Still needs a lot of work to be done to reach Chelsea standards haha, but I'm getting there slowly.

These alliums are in my front garden at the moment standing regal.

And this chap was in the back garden the other day along with 10 of his other mates!  Yes 11 frogs in my pond at one counting. No wonder he is smiling! 

I'll be back blogging again tomorrow as I am busy making birthday cards, busy time is June!

Lots of love