Friday, 29 June 2012


Now the weather here in Great Britain is called a temperate climate and with good reason.  In a day we could have all four seasons hahaha and  that is what it has felt like today.  Mild but breezy this morning, by mid morning (my playground duty) it was April showers.  Walking back to work from lunch it was a warm Summers day (what it should be like here in June) and by the time 3.30pm came along I was wrapped up in fleece and raincoat!  What is all that about?  But I really do love living here and couldn't live anywhere else in the world.

Now onto my photo for today - my first two strawberries.  

With this rain it has produced a bumper crop of the fruits, now all I need is some sun to ripen them.  Fingers crossed for the weekend but I don't hold out much hope.  

Whatever you do this weekend have an enjoyable time. 

- x -


Victoria said...

Hurrah for strawberries! Love them! Yes, I hope you get lots of sunshine now to ripen them. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Queenie said...

Sooooooooo sooooooooooooo jealous Tracey,lol..our veg are truly suffering here in Scotland this year..rain,rain,rain!!
Psssst i can almost taste them!