Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hi hope you all haven't developed webbed feet with all this damp weather we have been having in the UK.  Do we still have a drought?  I can't remember want they said. haha.

Well this weather has done one thing that is for sure, made my garden grow.  Still needs a lot of work to be done to reach Chelsea standards haha, but I'm getting there slowly.

These alliums are in my front garden at the moment standing regal.

And this chap was in the back garden the other day along with 10 of his other mates!  Yes 11 frogs in my pond at one counting. No wonder he is smiling! 

I'll be back blogging again tomorrow as I am busy making birthday cards, busy time is June!

Lots of love


tracy said...

haha he really does look likes he's smiling :)

Janice said...

Good grief, 11 frogs! At least the garden is growing, always a bonus! Unfortunately the weeds are growing faster

Karen said...

grimmit grimmit.....I love frogs :-D xxx