Friday, 8 June 2012

A-Z of 2012

I began this journal at the beginning of the year.  My aim is to take a letter (in order) from the alphabet and journal about it at the time.  I am being quite strict with myself and trying not to cheat haha.  I am using a journal with pages that are spiral bound on alternate edges and with gate style covers.

  So far I am up to F.  A was for Art, B for bird, blue tit to be exact as I was preparing the blue bird box for the season.  Shame to say I think I left it too late as this year we have had no residents.

The letter C was for a new car for my daughter you can see that page here,

 D I made a diary of the Easter holidays onto little tags and put them into some pockets I had made in the journal.  I did cram quite a bit into the holidays. haha.

I have journalled about Eurovision Song Contest for E and for F well it is all about flags - it had to be really with all the bunting and flag waving for the Queen's Jubilee.  (see it is not really cheating is it? haha)

I hope to show some more pages from the journal later on.  But in the meantime thanks for stopping by.

love  T
- x -


Karen said...

Oh Tracey what a fantastic idea!!!!! I am loving this!!!! I would love to see this irl next time I see you xxx

Dawn said...

What a gorgeous book you have done Tracey, fab idea. Really loving all the tags you created for the Easter hols, bright and cheerful and lots of fun to look back on. Can't wait to see some more. x

Gez said...

Amazing journal Tracey. You will enjoy looking back through it for a long time to come, good luck for the rest of your book. Brilliant idea :o)) xxx

Kaz said...

This is such a fab idea and I love what you've done so far. I hope we get to see the other pages.
Well done to Kat for buying her own car. Fingers crossed for her test xxx

Sue said...

What a super idea and something you can do when the fancy takes. Looking good so far.
Sue x