Saturday, 22 June 2013

Christmas already???

. . . . no not quite, thank goodness as my jumper isn't finished.

Last night I cast off the stitches for the front and here it is

Cast on the stitches for the back which is patterned the same and then for the sleeves.  If I keep knitting at this rate there should be no trouble getting it done by Christmas but then again who knows.

Don't know if you can see in the top left hand corner but it is raining yet again here so no worries about it being too hot to knit this summer hahaha.  Anyway with Wimbledon on for the next two weeks it is bound to rain non-stop.  

Have a great restful weekend.

- ♥ -


Kath said...

That looks lovely, Tracey. Very warm and cosy for the winter and VERY Christmassy too.

Angelnorth said...

That looks perfect for Christmas Tracey! Well done on doing an all over pattern too, I get very impatient with carrying a second colour over big areas and have pretty much settled on pattern through texture rather than colour!

Karen Gist said...

ooo that's going to be gorgeous Tracey!!!!!!! Well done you xxx

Hazel said...

Beautiful knitting, Tracey x

Dawn said...

Looking gorgeous Tracey, I can't wait to see the finished jumper. I so admire anyone who can knit, lol Karen will tell you I gave up a long time ago as I end up with such hot sticky and squeaky needles and I never could get the tension right!! Ha ha ha she still has the pair of socks I knitted for Victoria, needless to say one is much bigger than the other!!
Huge hugs x x x x

Kathy said...

Gosh that looks really complicated! Looking forward to seeing it when it's all finished