Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Q11 0f 52

"What 5 movies inspire you creatively."
mmmmmmmmmmm I had to think about this one. Well I have had to think about them all really haha.

I have come up with Devdas, Amelie and Alice in Wonderland. All for different reasons and I know before you say anything, there is only three but I couldn't think of any more films that fitted the brief. I love lots of varied films but not ones that inspire me to create.


Gez said...

Fabby card. I love the colours & the distressing.

Well done for comming up with 3!

Karen said...

Some brilliant distressing going on there Tracey....brilliant tag! X

Kaz said...

Ooo I like this one! I think this is the question that made me give up as I couldn't even think of one!!


Beth said...

My gosh Tracey, I haven't heard of Devdas or Amelie. Should I be ashamed, lol? Love your distressed cards, look fab with lots of colour too. I haven't quite thought about these yet, lol. XX