Wednesday, 22 April 2009

back to school

Well back to school so not any posts this week. Well I'm here to put that right now!

I want to show you my latest 52Q tags they are number 13 and 14. Still two behind I think. Oh dear never mind there is always tomorrow. haha

The first one is:- What was my worst (or best) hairstyle experience. Well it has to be when I thought I would be a good idea to have a perm. eek! How wrong was I. haha I liked it at the time only regretting it when it started to grow out literally, it grew outwards not downwards. lol
The next question was:- What was the last good book you read?
Considering I have only read one book this year I put that one. It was a good book too. Kat bought me it for Christmas after we both had been to see French and Saunders on their farewell tour. That was a really great evening too. :)Thanks for looking please leave a comment.

Thanks Karen, yes the book I read was "Dear Fatty" by Dawn French. tee hee Can you tell I fell asleep at the pc. True!!!!


Karen said...

hehehehehe brilliant hairstyle Tracey!!!!! I can't make out which book you read but I guess it was Dawn French? XXX

Angelnorth said...

Wow, that was some perm! Mine would never take curl of any sort so I don't have any of those photos lurking anywhere - phew! Love your book card, the cross-over heart looks fab. I hope no books were harmed in the making of the card though!

Kathy said...

oh - great cards Tracey!

Gez said...

Brilliant! Lovely to see thats another 2 to tick off the to-do list! Well done. x

Beth said...

I liked your hair short Tracey, but I do prefer it long though, so glad you've grown it again, hee hee. Your nearly up to date with these now and I've fallen 3 weeks behind again, lol. XX