Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nice Day For a White Wedding!!

Well it was on Sunday. The weather was glorious for my niece's wedding and the whole day was fantastic from start to very late finish!

To look at the photos you would have thought that it was a summer wedding not one in October, 10.10.10 to be exact! No excuses for forgetting that wedding date! tee hee

The Bride and Groom looked adorable and it was a very emotional day all round. The Bridesmaids wore hunter green (one of my favourite colours next to orange that is) and they looked really beautiful as did my elder sister (Mother of the Bride) in a gorgeous marroon dress and matching hat!

signing the register

In the background the Best Man goofing around (Grooms friend), my younger sister, my elder sister(Mother of the Bride) and Me!

We scrub up pretty well as a family don't we?
My daughter, my husband, me and my son.

My husband was cut out of this photo accidently by the person who took it, shame, but I will definately have an official one of these as I think we all look very smart indeed!

So from left to right - me, my younger sister's daughter, niece #3(Bride's sister), my Dad, my Mum, my elder sister (Mother of the Bride), Groom, Bride, my Brother in Law (Father of the Bride), my younger sister, niece #2(Bride's sister), my son, my daughter and niece #2's boyfriend (next to get married I think - watch this space).

A delicious meal was served after the photos and during the dessert we were entertained by two singing waiters. Very novel and they were very talented and hilarious. I did get very tearful, during the speech from the Groom as I was presented with a gift of a spa day and a wonderful flower display for making their invitations, guest book and seating plan. That was so thoughtful and totally unexpected.

Then it was over to the marquee for dancing from a live rock band and then a disco. Everyone invited to the wedding was asked to suggest a song that they were prepared to get up and have a boogie to and during the night they played a selection of the music. It was hilarious. Everyone had great fun. There was a hog roast in the evening but I was still full from the wedding breakfast to eat, the portions were immense!

We retired to our room at 1.30 am as we were staying at the wedding venue, our room had a four poster bed which was very romantic! The kids had a room of their own which was great too.

Phew! what a long post. Hope you have stayed with me and not nodded off. Now this wedding has been and gone I hope to catch up with other crafting activities that I should have been doing - so no excuses now!

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Kaz said...

Aaww Tracey it looks like a fab day was had by all. You all look so smart and happy - just how a wedding should be, including the gorgeous blue sky.
Enjoy your spa day when you have it as you deserve it xxx

Suzie said...

Sounds fantastic Tracey! Lovely photos too! 10.10.10 is apparently the perfect day to get married, according to the Chinese!

Janice said...

You all look fantastic. So glad the weather was kind to you. The hunter green looks really good and how nice that they remembered to thank you properly. I'll be down for that spa day lol!

Net said...

Wow Tracey I love your dress.

You're right, you do scrub up OK!

Angelnorth said...

Sounds like a lovely wedding and you all look fab in the photos (Sunj is on that big group one you know - you can just see his toes!). How lovely that you got you a thank you gift for doing the invitations and so on, that was really thoughtful of them!

Karen said...

Awe...you look amazing Tracey...I love your dress! and you are showing your knees!!!

Your sisters outfit is gorgeous, just the thing I am looking for! I agree, you must have a copy of your family shot! Ahhh....making me think of Vikki's wedding now :D xxx

Kathy said...

Great pics, it looks a really happy day. I just adore your sis's hat

Hazel said...

What a fab lot of photos - such a happy wedding and with beautiful weather - such a bonus. You and your sisters (well, and the bride, of course - and others) look gorgeous. How thoughtful to give you the spa day as well as the floral display - enjoy x

thekathrynwheel said...

Wowee! You all look gorgeous! So nice to see a pic of you and your family. Looks like a wonderful day.