Friday, 15 April 2011

Surprisingly Good Afternoon!

Don't you just love it when that happens? You think something is going to be a chore and then it turns into something quite pleasant!

Kris needed to go to Wheathampstead and research the River Lee and photograph it for his Geography course homework. Yawn yawn I thought "Ok I'll come along with you." I said. And what a great time we had.
Found the river and took lots of photos as evidence for his course and then found a bridleway to walk along. Very lovely in the warmish weather.

Of course when we started out it was just gone 11 so we weren't hungry but after some fresh air and exercise we were ready for a little snack! So we went into this very nice pub for some lunch - sssh don't tell Kat.
I wonder what other homework he needs "help" with hahahaha!


Karen said...

ooo what a beautiful spot for lunch, looks like an old Mill. xxx

Janice said...

ooh result! And you are looking so cool in your shades with the new hair cut.

Gez said...

What a FAB day out. Glad it was a success :)

Wonder if I can help Rachel with her Geography fieldtrip to Italy ;)

Patti said...

love these little surprises.... beautiful pictures and what a great mother and son time! : )

tracy said...

well done on helping with homework mummy :)
looking good in your shades and snazzy hair do :)