Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Smile .....

Here is a journal page that I finished yesterday night. The prompt came from Bubbly Funk forum from the very talented Kaz. The prompt was the quote, "Life is short ... so smile while you still have teeth!"

Must admit I still do this in old magazines now tee hee!


Suzie said...

Great page Tracey! I used to do that too :) and now Natasha does it!

Kaz said...

Love it Tracey. It;s such a bright fun page and I'm guilty too of drawing on pictures! xxx

Hazel said...

This indeed made me smile! Super page x

Karen said...

Fabulous take on the prompt, love the background! xxx

Janice said...

Funny funny and very Tracey Tracey! lol!

Queenie said...

Lol here Tracey!!

Gee whizz i am loving all your projects..swooning here.....but this post has made me giggle cause i broke the root in my mouth which has a crown attached..eek i know and it would have to be the front one,lol,anyhoo it is hanging in there and busy with dental appts but hope to have it secure a week on Tuesday..fingers crossed.
It has been great catching up with your work ,sorry i haven`t been around as much!!!
But for now bed is a calling and if i get to sleep right away i might manage about 6hrs before alarm starts ringing,lol!
toodiloo and big hugs sent your way

Queenie said...

Helloooooo Tracey
how u doing?
Freezing here today the sky was crystal clear this morning and the stars where twinkling away and jack frost had paid a visit,lol.
Wishing you a good weekend.
big hugs

Queenie said...

Thanks Tracey i am over them moon!!
Have sent you an ecard for christmas have a great time with the family!!