Friday, 13 April 2012


Do two 21st birthday cards make a 42?
And is that really "the meaning of life"? haha

Sorry you can tell it's Friday can't you? tee hee :)

Today I have two 21st birthday cards to show you. I still have another one to make to post out tomorrow but I wanted to show you these two as they have already been sent.

I have been practising with my Copic Sketch Markers again and I was quite pleased with the result on the flower card. I even coloured in some card to punch out stars the same colour as the flower petals.

Please have a look at the flower and help me to improve it. I know one of the petals has some rubbish embossing on the top but when you look at the card from a distance you can't see it. :)

I also convinced myself I needed some more colours so I have ordered some more pens - looking forward to the postman today.

The stamps are the new ones I ordered the other week from Make the Day Special and are by Paper Smooches - these are right up my street.

Well thanks for stopping by my blog today and have a pleasant weekend.


Kaz said...

Tracey your shading is great!! I'm so pleased you've 'invested' in more pens, you will really have fun with them. I wish I'd been that good when I started! xxx

Kath said...

I don't know why you want something else on your flowers? If you MUST I suppose you could draw some sguiggles on the petals?

Karen said...

I rarely use these pens so I can't advise you darling but it all looks perfect to me :-D That daisy stamp is soooo you, great cards for 21st. When I saw your post title I thought you had been very busy hahaha xxx

Janice said...

Your cards are always full of humour, just like you X

Angelnorth said...

Fun cards, they look great!

You can shade with a single marker, you don't necessarily need oodles of close colours. If you really wanted to do something "extra" with the flower, you could go back in at the base of the petals and add another layer with the same colur to deepen the shade. If you layer wet on wet it makes no difference, if you wait 10 seconds or so and then go over again it deepens the colour - hope that makes sense! Shout on the forum if you want some more explanation or an example!

Angelnorth said...

Meant to say though - the shading on the can looks fab and I love her cheeks!

Gez said...

Gorgeous cards Tracey :-)

I agree with everything Joanne said re.. not needing oodles of colours.. I normally wait and go back in with the same colour but new pens are always welcome! Hope Mr Postie delivers soon ;-)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Hugs, Gez.xxxx

tracy said...

love your cards tracey :)
advise from joanne sounds good :) i can't add anything else coz i haven't really done much with mine-keep going back to pencils!!

Vicky said...

Fantastic cards Tracey.
Funny you mentioning Paper Smooches stamps. I've been looking on the Make The Day Special site recently witha view to placing an order, just couldn't make my mind up! :)x