Saturday, 30 March 2013

Oil pastel tryout

Last night I got my oil pastel crayons out and had a go at a face.  I blended the pastels with my fingers so got a bit mucky but that was fine.  I did however erase her nose several times hahaha and had to draw it back in with a colouring pencil.  

Anyway I was wondering what you creative types used as a pen to outline eyes, noses and lips once you have used pastels?  Or am I using the wrong type of pastel for this job?

Any tips and hints would be welcome.

Have a happy Easter weekend.

♥ x ♥


Dawn said...

Fab face Tracey, your shading is brilliant. Lol not sure about pens on top of oil pastels, most things I've read about them say that they are usually the last thing to go on a page as nothing else will work on top of them? Lmao don't quote me on it though as I am defo no expert sweetie!!!!
Huge hugs x x x x

Patsy Paterno said...

Maybe you can try a pencil? Have not tried pastels even if I have a lot of pastels from my dad who thought pastels was easy! It isn't!!! I use acrylics and then outline the figures with either pencil or a black ballpen! I forgot, I use pastels for etching. I color with crayons then cover with black or another color of pastel crayon, then scratch it out. That was a lot of fun but a big mess!
Keep on drawing! Your face is charming! A blessed Easter to you! Patsy from

Traceyr said...

Thanks girls - I'm hoping to experiment some more over the holidays. :)

Tracy said...

Catching up on your posts and wow this is brilliant..not used pastels before...looooving your work.xx