Friday, 31 May 2013

Catch up

Last day of the half term holidays and then the long summer term starts - oh my seven full weeks eeek.

This week hasn't been wasted though so that has been good.  The rain put off some of my plans for gardening but hopefully this weekend I can get out there again. 

I did manage to get a little creative and cut and stitched these letters onto an England flag for my son to take to Wembley on Wednesday.  His first time inside the ground so he was pleased and I tuned in on the telly to see if I could spot "my flag" no luck though. hahaha.

Also this week, I purchased a crochet hook and plan to teach myself to crochet . . . . well that is my idea so watch this space.  I would love to crochet a blanket like Lucy's but think that is a long way off yet. :)


Kaz said...

Fab lettering Tracey. Good luck with the crochet, I remember us trying to make those flowers!! Making animals in the round is much simpler than flowers xxx

Vicky said...

What patience, stitching those letters!
Hope the crochet is going well.