Monday, 29 July 2013

Garden update and pumpkin watch

Thought I would take this opportunity whilst it is hammering down with rain to come in from the garden and blog about it.    :)

This year I decided to grow some vegetables.  Runner beans I have grown before but thought I would plant potatoes, broccoli, onions and a pumpkin.  I bought the seeds in Asda so nothing special haha and they have all grown.  Result.

The pumpkin seeds we shared out as a family (we all live in different parts of the country) and have a little competition to see who could grown the biggest pumpkin by halloween. Everyone chose their own two seeds from the packet and grew them however they saw fit.  I thought my parents would be far better at this than the rest of us as they both have "green fingers" and a greenhouse.  But to my surprise theirs are the only seeds not to have germinated - what are the chances of that happening? hahaha

Well mine not only have germinated but I have a pumpkin growing rapidly and taking over the garden haha.

Here is a photo of the whole plant taken a couple of days ago. The blue tarpaulin was put down as we are going to slab this part of the garden and needed to kill the lawn *cough* sorry grass off - it's full of moss anyway and does grow properly.

And here is my pumpkin a moment ago.  Huge isn't it?  Ok not huge but bigger than the rest of the family's tee hee.  The tennis ball is to show scale it's not another pumpkin.
Thanks for stopping by and Tracy I hope that update was ok? x

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Kath said...

Your pumpkin is fabulous, Tracey! Well done. so where are the rest of your endeavours?

Hazel said...

You've obviously got green fingers, Tracey x

Angelnorth said...

Looking good, hope it carries on getting bigger!

Karen Gist said...

Wow...I am impressed!!!! y Gran used to empty her teapot over her pumpkin plants xxx