Friday, 2 August 2013

Garden news

Hello blog friends, happy Friday and soon it will be the weekend. :)

Thought I might up date you all on my growings in the garden.

Here you can see my potatoes ready for lifting and some dahlia's (remember those cheap ones from Wilkinsons? so far only the yellow ones have flowered)

Here is the whole pumpkin plant . . .  ok what I could get in the picture, can you see how big the pumpkin is?  To the left are some of my broccoli plants and in the lower left the tub of sunflowers.

 These are my runner beans growing up my pergola.

And last but not least my onions and some more broccoli.  These look a bit weedy but I've never grown vegetables before so maybe next year they will be better.

Thanks for visiting me today enjoy your Friday whatever you get up to.

- ♥ -


Dotty Jo said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a kind and encouraging comment. I'm thinking of doing my HLTA next but opinion seems divided as to whether its worth it or not. Great to see your veggies doing so well. I've grown courgettes this year (Italian variety - super yummy) and they've gone bonkers! Have a happy Friday, Jo x

Gez Butterworth said...

Everything is looking fabulous especially your pumpkin, how clever!

Looks like you are having lots of fun. Wishing you a plentiful harvest xx

Kath said...

All looking good, Tracey. The beans are coming on aren't they. I can't believe your pumpkin.It's great.

Angelnorth said...

I think growing your own gives you more appreciation of just how much work goes into what we buy! Looking good, hope that pumpkin keeps swelling!

Hazel said...

Looking good, Tracey. Years ago I used to grow a lot of veg - great satisfaction and so tasty picked straight from the garden. x

Karen Gist said...

They are all looking impressive Tracey, I tip my hat to you xxx

Dawn said...

Your garden is looking beautiful Tracey. Soooo clever my lovely, lol I'm useless at growing things and gave up a long time ago!!
Huge hugs x

Tracy said...

Woohoo Tracey looved seeing your veg and they all look brilliant...yooou have pumpkins too!!
Nothing beats the taste of homegrown does it...
I am at my happiest either in the garden or at my allotment getting all mucky and lustening to the bees doing there work....bliss!
Have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

oooh your veg are doing really well!
We've had one picking of peas so far and I've picked a trugful of beans to do for this evening.