Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I was a little disappointed the other day when I went to use a self cling stamp I received free with the Craft Stamper magazine.  It had started to "melt" for want of a better explanation.  I'm not sure why this should have happened to these two but my others are fine. The ones I am refering to are the dancing hares and the sunflower.

They were stored on a laminated sheet in my lidded cardboard stamp box with lives under my bed.  It is a mystery as to what has happened to them and I was only glad that the other stamps on that page had not been affected, although I did have to throw one away that had got stuck into the front on these stamps and the cling had disappeared off the back.  Very strange.

If you have any ideas as to what you think might have happened please comment on this post.  Thank you. 


Karen Gist said...

Crikey Tracey!!!! I think you need to email Kate at the Craft Stamper. Se would want to know I am sure x

Dawn said...

Ditto Mrs G above!! How flippin annoying and upsetting too, lol I think I will go have a check on mine!! Hmm, if it was to do with heat surely the storage sheet and other stamps would have been affected, only thing I can think is poor quality polymer stuff!!??
Huge hugs sweetie, would you like mine if they are OK?? x x x x

Andria said...

Very frustrating, I had a sheet of clear sentiment stamps from a well known stamp company do exactly the same thing, they were stored the same way as all my other stamps and cleaned the same way and only they were affected, it's very strange I don't remember spilling anything on them ...who knows!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey
I've not come across this before but I am more than happy to replace the faulty stamps if you email me your postal address. I can be contacted at

Katy - CS Editor