Thursday, 1 October 2009

3 is the magic number

Q31 what 3 words would someone use to describe me?

Difficult one but I would hope people would say what I wrote on the back of the tag.



Janice said...

Lovely tag Tracey, yes I think those 3 words are very apt, I would add warm and generous XXX

Angelnorth said...

Janice obviously hasn't got the hang of counting ;o) Fab tag, love the way you've done the wording in the wiggly lines on the back!

Sorry, laughing my head off here - word verification is "minging" :haha: You're definitely not that, sweetie!

Hazel said...

I think this is just right. x

tracy said...

very nice tag,i too like the wiggly bit :) (can't read the 1st word-sorry!)

Karen said... got it spot on Tracey!!! I would add....loving....generous & thoughtful XXX

Kaz said...

LMAO at the word verification!!!!

You're definately those things Tracey, but are you funny 'ha ha' or funny 'peculiar'?!

ha ha i think xx

hippyhippychic said...

i like your blog background, very swish

Traceyr said...

I think funny perculiar Kaz :)

Tracy the first word says, "easy going" so I suppose I have used 4 words not 2 in total.

Gez said...

Gorgeous tag.xx Love your doodling.xx

One problem....... this tag is way not big enough to list all the wonderful qualities you possess. You are one AWESOME lady.XXX

haha! today's verification word for me is.... dinner! yum!