Monday, 1 February 2010

Romantic Month

To kick off this romantic month - haha for some hey Janice? ;) - I thought I would show you my contribution to the prize over on the Tando Creative blog. Some of my Bubbly Funk forum friends and myself were asked to decorate pieces of this very clever chipboard item. I was a little stumped for ideas but was given a gentle prod by a friend and I came up with this.

Please pop over to the Tando Creative blog where the finished board and pieces can be admired and the rules for the competition are available. Closing date is 14th February I believe this to be Valentine's Day? hahaha.

Now off you go and visit Tando Creative! x


Caroline said...

Lovely Tracey - the whole board is just gorgeous...x

Carol said...

gorgeous piece Tracey xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

lovely piece :)

Janice said...

Yes, romance is alive and running straight out of the door of our house lol! WEll done on your interpretation of the Hugs and Kisses. I do think the hearts were easier to do than the Xs.

Here are some for you XXX

Angelnorth said...

I love your doodled edge and beady bits - fab piece! The X was a bit of a bugger to work with, wasn't it? Those heart girls had it easy, I reckon ;o)

Traceyr said...

I agree Joanne lol x

Thanks Janice x x


Di said...

Ha ha, there was no preference who they went to....honest!

Fabulous piece Tracey, I love the beady bits and it just goes perfectly with the other pieces on the board.

Thanks for being a part of it xx

Net said...

Well I got a heart... says it all obviously ;))

That's really lovely Tracey, the border looks fab.

Karen said...

hahahaha at Janice!!! I think you have done a brilliant job on this one Tracey! I loe that little stamp and the beads are perfect XXX