Saturday, 6 February 2010

Woolly Wares

Today I thought I would show you two projects I made from wool over the Christmas period. Yes I know that was over a month ago but I forgot to photograph them before now.

Both items were inspired by the very multi-talented Anjie over on Pom Pom Emporium blog. She is a very clever
and successful crafter and can turn her hand to almost any craft it seems from reading her blog.

First I tried the knitted necklace and my first go at knitting with four double ended needles. eek!

I did get myself into a right old mess with the needles but soon got the hang of it. The close up photo shows where I went wrong and the bead has knitted inside out - please don't ask me how I managed that! haha

The second project was a lot simpler and took be back to when I was very young making pom poms - it was very therapeutic winding wool around a cardboard ring - I enjoyed it no end.

Needlesstosay I didn't finish in time to put it up this Christmas but there is always Christmas 2010 isn't there? haha

Thank you for stopping by my little blog. :)


Janice said...

ooh clever you knitting it inside out lol! lovely poms though, I couldn't be bothered with all that winding myself- short span of attention!!

Kaz said...

Look at you and your wooliness! That's very clever Tracey. I can't knit with 4 needles without leaving gaps so I shall be after some tips. xx

Anjie said...

They are fantastic! Four needles aren't easy, you feel like you need four hands, they're slippery customers! I think the necklace looks great, sort of rewarding when you've mastered knitting in the round. The pom poms are perfect, but I would say that!

Angelnorth said...

I think you "feature beads" are perfect Tracey! Great necklace and your pom pom garland looks very festive. If you could get it to stay in that heart shape you could use it for Valentines!

Karen said...

oo these are different!!! I am intrigued by your necklace & how indiviual of you to do a backwards one haha! I used to love making multi-coloured never knew how they would turn out XXX

Hazel said...

These are very clever x