Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool?

I think that is what the cashier at the Post Office thought I was playing today when I posted off my "Wreck This Journal" book! haha

I put it on the scales and said, "Can you tell me how much this would be to send first class please?" - see very polite I am :) -

and without looking at it said, "That will be 90p."

When I handed it over the counter she said, "Oh!" and gave me a funny look. "It will get spoilt" she added.

"That is the whole point." I replied with an embarrassed look of my face.

The cashier laughed and said, "I haven't seen anything like it before! I'll take good care of it."

"No," I answered "it is supposed to get ruined." Then I paid, quickly wished her "Happy Easter" and left the post office. lol

Now fingers crossed Royal Mail do their usual "careful job" of handling and delivering my mail and I get it back on Saturday. I'll keep you posted and please feel free to let me know whether you think I have indeed been an APRIL FOOL today? haha


Karen said...

hahahahhaa I got odd looks when I posted mine too & was asked all about it...I reckon I should get commission!!!!

Mine came back with a corner missing...YAY! Best thing is taking it in the curls up and looks like its been in the bottom of a school bag for a term XXX

Kaz said...

Can't wait to find out how it comes back, I need to do that for mine xx

Hazel said...

Lol! I sat here really chuckling as I read - thanks for the giggle - I think I need to get one of these books x

Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, I bet the posties are going to be sick of the sight of them by the time the craze is over!

Sue said...

Sounds like the old dear in our PO. I'm leaving mine until after the holiday to post. Fingers crossed it comes back to you.
Sue x

Janice said...

nice one Tracey!

Kathy said...

You should have just shoved it in the postbox Tracey!
I hope you get it back as messy as you're hoping for!

Gez said...

Hope it arrives back safely but battered Tracey. :)
Ben has a solution if it isn't tatty enough.... he regularly throws his down the stairs. :D

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha! I haven't posted mine back to myself yet........ As for the lady at the post office's reaction - you either 'get' Wreck this Journal or you don't!
Keep on wrecking! Kate