Monday, 5 April 2010

Journal update!

tee hee I had a shower this morning ....... yes nothing abnormal about that you might say but ...... I read my "Wreck This Journal" whilst standing under the running water. lol I could only flick through a couple of pages before they all got stuck together! And then a piece came off in my hand from a corner of a page as I was trying to separate a stuck page and finally the back cover fell off! lol

Can you believe how excited I was to see my journal ruined? Yes very!!!!! I dried it over the radiator for a while and then decided to have a go at the page that says "pick up the journal without using your hands" ................... so I used my teeth!!!!! (good job it was on the kitchen table already) ..... oops ..... I was left with a chunk of page in my teeth another page taken care of then. :0 Big smiles all round.

Hope you are doing as well as I feel I am?
Do let me see how yours is getting on.


Sue said...

Gosh that is well and truly wrecked Tracey!
Don't know if i'll be brave enough to go that far with mine.
Sue x

tracy said...

thats looking great tracey :) can't wait to get mine!
how are you going to re-attach the cover??

Janice said...

ha ha ha ha, lookin good Tracey!

chrisg said...

LOL - I HAVE to invest in this book - looks like so much fun - although I really don't know if I would be brave enough to take it into the shower - would a spritz from a water bottle surfice i wonder? LOL
You're doing a grand job.

Angelnorth said...

Excellent morning's work there Tracey, well done!

Karen said...

YAY!!!! it looks like mine except my cover is still on!!!! Way to go Tracey XXX

Gez said...

FANTASTIC Tracey. Ben says hats off you've done a FAB job... woohoo...
Will try & ring you this next 2 wks! :)

hehe verification word is oughipop!!

Kaz said...

Oh that looks brilliant Tracey! xx

Queenie said...

Whooping here Tracey,lol!!!!
Have loved reading your hmmmm mad goings on,lol!!
From cute bunnie makes to your 365 day calendar woohooo!!
Well hubby picked the winners of my blog candy and.......your name came out first so can you let me know your addy and i will get it in the post to you.
Have a great week.