Sunday, 25 July 2010

Schools Out For Summer!


School has finished now for the summer!

I now have no excuse not to get on with all those jobs outstanding both craftwise and housewise.

Still having no pc - there will be no photos for a while.

Hope to catch up with blog hopping too.



Karen said...

YAY!!!!! you must be relieved to have a break sweetie! Enjoy the time & I hope you get to have a play craftwise XXX

Kaz said...

Really missing you being online Tracey. Hurry up back to us and enjoy the holidays xxx

Di said...

Ello, ello....I hope you get your pc sorted soon and enjoy the summer break, you lucky thing :o) xxx

Queenie said...

Helloooo missus,
catching up in the land of blog and woohoo enjoyed my visit looking at all your crafty licious makes Tracey and yum yum thise strawbs look deeelish!!!!
Enjoy the rest of the hols.
Big hugs

Kathy said...

Hope you get everything sorted soon Tracey