Wednesday, 4 August 2010


My pc has finally died and I am without a pc of my own so using this very small, annoying but very convenient laptop.

Not sure whether I can post photos on here but I will have a go! Wow very atmospheric a clap of thunder haha really! Just like in the films! haha.

Here goes think it has worked?

This is from my art journal and I produced it yesterday and spent the rest of the day with red fingers - perfect match with my green nail varnish!

For those not in the know I really heart Mr Tennant swooon!

If this has posted I will update again tomorrow, ciao.



Karen said...

mmmMMMmmm.....send him down after you Tracey!!!

Brilliant page my lovely, love all the textures on it. Am still getting my head round journalling XXX

Kaz said...

No I think you'll find I'm first in the queue Tracey and Karen!!
This is fab Tracey xxx

Gez said...

It worked!! Yeah! It's awful without a puter & soooo anoying :( Hope you get something soon. (hugs)
Great page my dear. You are SOOOO clever. Speak soon. Hugs, Gez.xx

Janice said...

Ha ha ha! That's brilliant Tracey and soooo you.

Di said...

Wow, what fab art did I guess you pick him as a subject LOL xx

Wrightboysmum said...

Looking good and he is very swoonable.

tracy said...

thats very good tracey :)

Angelnorth said...

Fab page (even if your choice of Dr is a bit iffy :oP)

Hazel said...

Fab art journalling (wish I could achieve something like that) - and great choice of desire! x