Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday Blogging

ssssh- do you think the weather knew it was an English Bank Holiday today? It was so sunny and warm.

My parents visited today which was lovely and they brought my hairy brother with them too.

Do you want to see a photo of how he looks now?

Hasn't he filled out and of course got a lot more hair! He has an appointment with the dog barbers tomorrow but don't worry it will just be a trim. :)

If you have forgotten what Bob looked like when my parents first got him then check back to the 18th February post and you will see a very stern looking Bob. Haha.

Thanks for visiting at my blog today.
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Kaz said...

Aaww Bob is looking great. He obviously is very settled with your parents. Hairy relatives are the best aren't they?!! xx

Janice said...

He looks much happier and more relaxed. So good to see him settled into the family...of nutters lol!

Karen said...

Awe.....Bob looks fabulous & so happy! Hope he enjoys his haircut! XXX

Wrightboysmum said...

He has got furry. Great photos. He looked really bossy in the first picture in February lol.

Hazel said...

What a handsome little fellow - love the hairy look - hope it's only a little trim x

Di said...

Awww bless his little cottons. He looks so relaxed xxx