Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Workdesk Wednesday

I realised it was Wednesday today - I have these brainwaves! - so I thought I would photograph my work desk. Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what it is all about!

This Wednesday I am actually doing something - my September pages for my 365 Calendar Challenge. For information on that sneak over to Kate's Kathryn Wheel Blog it's never too late to join in! I'll blog my completed August pages hopefully tomorrow when I've had my first day back at school - groan.

Also on the desk is the ever present and essential mug of tea and toilet roll! I've become very attached to my waterpen as you can see in the photo since trying Karen's out at our Retreat in May - thanks Karen this is a very relaxing and calming way to add colour to a project - I love using them.

Right will now skiddaddle and see what other people have on their desks.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Ciara said...

What a lovely desk, very tidy and well organised. I love that little cupcake thing on the shelf :-)


Poppit said...

Loving that Homer mug - his face says how I feel! Thanks for the snoop!

Anonymous said...

I have two Zig water brushes which I think might be similar to your water pen, I use them all the time, love water colouring with them. Thanks for the snoop!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is the third time I've tried to leave a message. I hope it goes through this time because I finally got the comment box. Let me get this right. The mug is for tea, the water pen is for coloring,and the toilet paper is for ???? Had to throw that in.

Keep your fingers crossed this posts. Happy WOYWW.

Wipso said...

What a fab mug on your desk.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice lettering - gorgeous colouring! There is an element of your organised real life there too - an organiser, sums, a phone and a non-crafty're definitely multi tasking!

Karen said...

I LOVE my waterbrush and its one of the crafty things I couldn't do without now!!! So pleased you like yours my lovely! er...desk is a bit tidy hahaha XXX

Cath said...

Great desk, still have't don my September pages yet!


Carmen said...

Now I need a cup that big! Oh yes. Cup envy to add to my list of envies this week *g*

Janice said...

Yes looking very tidy. Don't dip your pen in your tea now :p

Kathy said...

Great desk shot, Tracey - looking forward to seeing the pages when they're ready to go

Morti said...

I'm a bit late getting here, but I got here - thanks for sharing your space!