Thursday, 19 August 2010


I did promise Sunj that I would be doing all sort of jobs around the house and garden while on summer holidays - oops! The holidays are nearly over and the jobs? ...... well some of them are getting done. hahaha

Exhibt A one of the four flower beds in our front garden BEFORE being attacked with garden fork, elbow grease, blood (yes!) and sweat! yuck.

Exhibt B the same flower bed AFTER all my hard work ...... ok I did get help moving the Pieris into the middle but only once I had removed the majority of the rest of the plants. Just fancied having a feature plant in the middle of each bed.

So that is one down, three more to go and only a week and four days of the holiday left. mmmmmm don't think this will get done this side of Christmas do you? hahaha

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Andria said...

Well one is better than none lol, my garden desperately needs tackled but we've had non stop rain for the past month!

Di said...

Ooooooo get you, what a difference it makes. Can you come and do's been Sag attacked!! xx

(Bit cryptic for anyone who doesn't know me LOL)

tracy said...

now now tracey-positive thoughts-you can do it LOL just look how tidy that one looks :)
mines just all grass-no use trying to have it nice coz the chickens just get it all!!

Karen said...

WOW what a difference Tracey and what a LOT of digging you must have done!!! Looks amazing my lovely XXX

Angelnorth said...

Well done - saves of gym fees too, eh?! Hope the injury was not too serious!