Friday, 3 June 2011

Frivilous Friday Fanciful Fruits (of my labour)

A little bit of alliteration there haha. As it is the last day of my holiday I thought I would share what I have been up to.

Most of the week the house has been upside down as my daughter has had new laminate flooring laid in her bedroom. Meaning that all her possessions were all over the house. Couldn't do the ironing (shame tee hee) as the wardrobes were groaning with all her stuff.

So now the flooring is complete and looks lovely and the wardrobe, bed and desk have been put back in their positions and now it is up to her to sort out where all her things go. Don't go thinking I put the floor down, oh no we got a little man in :)

Next is the DCM challenge from two weeks ago ...... yes I know there is one due out today and been a new one last week but as I have said before I am a sloooooow crafter lol. This challenge was to use the lyrics from Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars"( I hate the Leona Lewis version) anyway ...... I used the line "is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see" and used a free stamp from Craft Stamper some months back.

Also this week I have been trying to use up scraps of paper from my desk and made this A6 card and a button.
I then made this one using a stamp from My Cute Stamp, Sweet Kawaii.

When I uploaded these photos from my camera I found this one too! It made me laugh out loud ..... don't you just love kids?
Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend
x x x


Gez said...

Great one Kris!! Just what I needed this morning Tracey! :D

Faberooney crafting. Worth the

Caroline said...

Love the floor - looking into redoing my wooden floor at the moment too! Fab cards Tracey and love the pic of your son!

tracy said...

great cards there tracey :)
floor looks good :)
funny picture of chris hehe.....i often find strange pictures on my camera too!!

Kaz said...

Kris is obviously as daft as his mum!!!! So glad you shared that one, bet he's not~!!

I love what you've been creating this week Tracey. Not long till the summer hols now xxx

Vicky said...

Fabulous pics - lovely cards. Kids - they always know how to make us smile. :)x

Janice said...

lol at Kris, takes after his mother hee hee!

Lovely cards, the icecream one is fun and I like the 'recycling' of the paper bits. Ooh Tracey, you are having a lot of eyes recently, at least there are two of them!

Hazel said...

Floor's looking great. Fab cards. and lol! at the photo. x

Karen said...

hahahahaha at Kris!!!!! Brilliant photo!!!!

Wow, that floor looks fantastic, I bet you are really pleased with your efforts. xxx