Tuesday, 14 June 2011

mmmmm strawberries

One good thing to come from all this rain are these beauties

So far I have picked 20 strawberries from our patch and as my son and I are the only ones that eat them, and he is abroad at the moment, I have had them all to myself tonight.

That is what summer is all about - yes?


Janice said...

Wow they look great Tracey. Yum, I love strawberries.

Net said...

Ooh how yummy! I'd have to share those with the girls ;))

Kath said...

Mmmm . Strawberries are my favourite summer dish. we have some almost every day. None today though! They look delicious Tracey.
Kath x

Karen said...

YUM YUM YUM!!!!!! I bet they tasted even better as they came from your own garden! xxx

Kathy said...

I don't like strawberries so I don't grow them - is that bad of me, seeing as hubby does like them? hehehe
I Love your gorgeous photo though that pink bowl is a real dish (ohhhh puns R us!)