Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Before it's too late ....

I just thought I would post these photos of some Christmas trees that I snapped whilst on my little holiday to New York City at the beginning of December. I know the decorations have to be down by 6th January so that is another reason to post them today, the 4th.

Empire State Building foyer tree

Crowne Plaza Lobby tree (our hotel)

Rockerfeller Centre tree before ceremony

and after the ceremony (sorry it is a bit fuzzy - my camera skills are nil haha)

Random trees - don't know where from haha

Same with this Father Christmas (although he looks glum I rather like him)

This one you can EAT!!! yum yum

Ok that is all my holiday Christmas trees thanks for stopping by. See you soon.

- x -


Kaz said...

Ooooo those are gorgeous trees Tracey. I really like the santa one as well. Need more New York pics please ;) xxx

Wrightboysmum said...

Oh lurveee these photos. We stayed at Crowne Plaza as well. Trees look great.

Kath said...

Lovely trees, Tracey. What's in the one you can eat?

Hazel said...

Lovely lot of trees - like the hotel one the best x

Alix said...

I've been meaning to go round locally and take photos of the lights, but I'd better get a move on or it'll have to wait another year! I love the Rockerfeller Centre one - amazing! Happy New Year!

Suzie said...

The one you can is MINE! Love the Rockefeller one too, and glum Santa!

Angelnorth said...

Great selection of trees! I rather like the slightly glum Santa, too!

Queenie said...

Lucky lucky yoooou,you must have had a blast!
Santa looks amazing.
Thank you for sharing these great lights.