Thursday, 5 January 2012

Knitters I need a little help please

I have finally finished knitting and stitching together a blanket I began Spring 2011 - I'm not a slow knitter but I kept getting distracted by other crafty things haha.

Now I want to cover the back with some fabric and that is where I need your help. :) I would like to back the knitting with some gingham material I have bought but am not sure of the right way to go about it. Would it be the same as making a quilt? I've never done that before either haha.
Any advice or a point in the right direction would be appreciated and then next Spring, or maybe sooner, I can show you the completed blanket.

- x -


Janice said...

Love your blanket, but not sure about backing with fabric that will not give as much as the wool. Hopefully someone will be able to advise.

Hazel said...

Note sure what to say, as Janice has said the knitting might stretch and the fabric won't - sure there's someone better qualified to give advice. Meanwhile, I think the blanket is great - love the colours you've used x

Angelnorth said...

Looks great, fab colours! I've only ever backed a baby blanket with fabric. Janice is right, the knitted bit will stretch much more than the fabric - I stitched through the layers at intervals (it was a striped blanket so I used the lines of the stripes) to minimise any distorting effect.

Queenie said...

oH wowowowow that is fantastic Tracey..looooove it...can you tell,lol!!
Sorry can`t help with any advice though.
You will be as snug as a bug all cosied up under it.
Have a great weekend.
Big hugs

Kaz said...

This is so pretty and so neat Tracey. No ideas with the backing I'm afraid xx

Scatz said...

What a lovely blanket Tracy! Well done you!!! If you line it you may well have a problem when it is washed.

Karen said...

his is beautiful Tracey and you must be very pleased with it! The others are right about the knitting giving more than the fabric backing. But saying that if you catch the knitting down at say every corner to the backing and then have it dry cleaned rather than washing machine it may be ok. My mothere would say that you need to knit a backing for it so they give together. As for the gingham, if you decide to use it please wash it in the machine a few times as , in my experience, it shrinks and warps. Better before you sew it on than after haha! Good luck my lovely xxx

Vicky said...

Love the blanket, so colourful. Agree with others about the backing with gigham, could be a problem in the wash. :)x

Kath said...

I knitted a blanket and backed it with curtain material. I stitched it in a number of straight lines that more or less followed the squares. It was our childrens' 'poorly' blanket and lasted for years. I think we still have it in the loft actually.It obviously survived the washing!
I think that as long as you stitch it in a number of places it will be ok.