Thursday, 30 August 2012

Found Wrecking Journal

Hi everybody I was reminded about my "Wreck This Journal" by a friend this week, thanks Gez, and I decided to do a few more pages in mine.

I have randomly numbered my pages and am doing them in numerical order. (I did cheat a bit and took it into the shower when I hadn't done many pages though)  Good job I did!   As you can see the covers have fallen off. haha

When I sent it through the post it came back without a scratch!  

Yesterday I completed these two pages and the journalling on the pages speak for themselves.  But I'll explain the chunk missing from the left hand page of the "climb up high" prompt.  It comes from the previous page which was to pick up the journal without using your hands . . . .   I used my teeth! hahaha

The pencil rubbing I remember doing this as a kid but I seemed to have lost the nack now! 

 I'm only up to page 28 so still have plenty left to Wreck.  How is yours looking?


Dawn said...

Ha ha ha, I nearly just peed myself laughing at the 'teeth' episode - brilliant! Your journal is looking fab honey, what fun. Lol, one more thing on my wish list.
Big hugs x x x x

Andria said...

This is such a cool idead, i've seen a few and i'm in awe of anyone who has the patience to create one. Yours is looking really good :).

Alix said...

What an intriguing idea! I had a laugh imagining the picking up with the teeth and the chunk falling out! I wonder how you will be wrecking page 29?

Karen said...

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! I can't find mine!!!!! Its gone for a walk again hahahaha!!!!

Brilliant pages my lovely xxx

Gez said...

Fantastic pages Tracey, glad you are having fun..can't wait to see more..Enjoy! xx