Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

. . . that is the challenge over on the biskit barrel blog by the very talented Vicki, her doodles are amazing.

Having some time on my hands i decided to have another look at the face I began Friday night.  I wanted to add a little more detail and after chatting to friends x and watching youtube videos I was brave and had a go.

 The face on the right has been tweaked and not only by adding the yellow background.  I will add some text or something later on when I decide what to do with it.  I still have quite a way to go but I think there is a little improvement. lol

Next I wanted to have a go at a technique I read about in Kelly Rae Roberts book "Taking Flight" which I found in my wardrobe (don't know what it was doing in there!!!)  LOL  

I didn't have all the right equipment so just sort of used what I had.  This is my first attempt at a background like this and I need alot more practise and some new acrylic paints as my Adirondack Dabbers have solidified.  

Again I don't know what to journal about on these pages in my mini journal made by Dawn (thanks lovely x) but inspiration will come to me I'm sure.
I'd just like to thank Gez for giving me some tips and advice whilst I had a go at this.  Gez your work is amazing and I WILL keep practising hahaha.


Gez Butterworth said...

Oh WOW!!! Tracey your girls look FAB! Looking forward to seeing more & more & more. I am really pleased for you :-) Thank you for sharing.xxxx

Dawn said...

Awe Tracey, you are so welcome my lovely. Your faces are amazing sweetie, keep them coming! I love the before and after shot of your pastel one, it really shows the definition and shading you have achieved on her, brilliant job. What did you use in the end cos whatever it was it works perfectly? Your journal page looks superb too, its a fab book and one I reach for often cos I love the step by step pics and tuition in it. Ha ha ha, I'm with you on the 'what to journal about' thing, I'm always stumped unless a quote has caught my eye!!!!!!!!
Huge hugs x

Hazel said...

Love the faces, Tracey - just had a little catch up looking at your earlier posts too. x

Karen said...

ooooo I am loving this Tracey!!!! mmm...I have that book somewhere.....maybe its in my wardrobe!!!! Perhaps the men are hiding them hahahaha xxx

Carol said...

What great faces Tracey. Hope the new acrylics are ok xx

Tracy said...

Brilliant....have had a great time catching up on your posts!!
Hope life is treating you good.
Big hugs