Saturday, 30 August 2014


I read yesterday on Kim Dellow's blog that the secret to a great blog is consistency well I am trying to blog more regularly so let's see if it works.

Today I'd like to share a cat toy I made for my two cats, well really the young kitten (Cedric) as his Mum (Luna) doesn't really play with toys.

So I found on EfemeraInk's blog a post from 12.6.2011 entitled "As Quiet As ..." for making a really cute mouse.  Effie is a really talented crafter and has some beautiful posts and lots of inspiring ideas.

I decided I would try and make one so I found some scraps of material that wasn't felt (Cedric ate the last felt mouse I made) and some stuffing and I came up with this.

A piece of cord (leftover from a clothing tag) for a tail and two woollen eyes and the mouse was finished.  I'm happy to say the mouse is still in one piece but for how long?  Who knows. hahaha.

Thanks for visiting me today.

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Dotty Jo x said...

Hope the mouse is popular! Thanks for making me laugh with this post, Jo x

Karen Gist said...

HOW CUTE is this mouse!!!!! Effie is amazing isn't she? Now we have bought dozens of little mice over the years and they just disappear...never tought they would actually EAT them haha xxx