Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Did you all think I had disappeared? lol

Well I have had alot doing since I last posted. Finished my NVQ and passed yippee! Been on my first and certainly not my last, retreat with the Bubbly Funkers. I had a brilliant time and learnt many different skills - unfortunately crocheting is not one of them. Although I will keep at it and practise. lol Also this bank holiday I've visited family in Sheffield and Milton Keynes. phew! See told you I have been busy.

Well I will hopefully show you my retreat journal when it is finished and the photos are for Bubblies eyes only sorry. But what I can share with you are four yes count them - four 52Q tags.

Tag 15 What makes me me? Answer under the flower says "my humour". lol

Tag 16 What is the truth?

Tag 17 What is my super power? Had a bit of fun with this as you will see. tee hee

Tag 18 What is on your to do list this week? And I have to say I have already done number 3!

Thanks for looking.


Karen said...

hehe love your pirate face Tracey!!! Brilliant tags X

Angelnorth said...

These are brill! Love your handwritten elements and although I'm not sure the moustachioed look will catch on, the tag is great fun!

Hazel said...

Love these Tracey - and haven't you had a busy time lately? x

Janice said...

Lovely cards, I agree completely about the truth, your humour and your ability not to take things seriously, that's why we get on so well XXX

Beth said...

Well, look at you with that moustache, lol.... These are fab cards Tracey. Love them all, but the last one especially.......love the bright colour as if the sun is bursting to come out. You've done well with these, I've to catch up from 15 on lol. XX

Gez said...

Great cards Tracey. Well done for sticking at it. Gez.xx

Kaz said...

Ha ha, those are fab Tracey. I love the tache!! Definately humour for you.