Wednesday, 12 August 2009

London Calling

Ha ha - no don't start singing The Clash - which I have in my head at the mo. LOL That is where Kat and I went today. To the Tate Modern - don't you know!

Of course there was the usual horsing around before we even got inside. Can you spot Tower Bridge just behind me?

The next photo shows me on the Millennium Bridge famous for swaying in the wind. But as you can see from the photo it was windy and on the way back raining but much to our annoyance the bridge didn't sway. :(

We did see a lot of "interesting" pieces some of which were brilliant others were not so brilliant iyswim? One of the "installations" was of the statue of Venus with a huge pile of secondhand clothes in front of her, looked like she was behind with the ironing. LOL This is probably a critically acclaimed piece but it just made me laugh and think about ironing piles. tee hee

Venus in Rags by Michaelangelo Pistoletto
sorry Mr Pistoletto for laughing at your work

Next a photo of St. Paul's cathedral.

And lastly a view taken from the balcony cafe inside the Tate itself. Can you see the dark clouds coming?
Didn't realise how big the Tate Modern was 7 floors in total but not a bad day out and it is free. You are encouraged to make a donation though. ssssh we didn't! Aren't we naughty?

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Janice said...

That's a fab photo from the balcony Tracey. Lovely to see your day out, glad you liked it. I think a speech bubble from Venus would be appropriate e.g. b*gger the ironing I'm going to craft!

Kathy said...

Great pics Tracey - looks like you two had a fab time, despite the mizzy weather today.

That pile does look a bit like my ironing pile, but I'm certainly no "Venus" lol lol lol

Carol said...

what fabbie piccies that sky looks really daunting - can't match the other two with their witty remarks - rather clever tho!! can't say I'd do my ironing starkers!! lolxx

Kaz said...

Fab photos Tracey, so glad you two had a lovely day out together.

I laughed at the pic too.

Gez said...

Great photos Tracey.

Thanks for sharing your day out with us. Can't help but be reminded of my teenage daughter's bedroom floor & Venus's pile of clothes! hehe...

Karen said...

WOW what a view from the cafe!!!! for Venus & her ironing...she IS looking at it so perhaps she IS going to let the side down after all!!! XXX

Angelnorth said...

Oooh yes, I vote for Janice's speech bubble - lol! Looks like you had a fab day, hope you dodged the rain!