Saturday, 5 September 2009

Catching up with my 52Q

Catching up with Emily Falconbridge's 52Q whislt on holiday. Yes I did craft on holiday - on the plane and also by the pool.

I didn't actually take all the images but I cut some tags out and wrote the journalling that I could on them whilst away. I have written the answers to the rest of the questions in a little book which I am slowly transferring onto the proper tags.

Anyway here are questions 21,


and 24.Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I love to read them. :)


Janice said...

Your tags are great. I especially like the one about how you can be kinder to yourself lol! Your holiday obviously inspired you in your journalling, thanks for sharing XXX

Kaz said...

Brilliant Tracey. I love the kinder to myself one too, very funny. And I get that glazed over look too.

tracy said...

well done on crafting while on holiday tracey:) we went to ireland a few years ago and i packed my parchment tools into my suitcase...........when i collected it in ireland there was a huge warning sticker on it!!! must've seen the sharp bits on the xray!!!

Hazel said...

Wow!! you've been busy - lovely x

Karen said...

Well done you!!! These are brilliant!!! XXX

Gez said...

Fantastic cards Tracey. Well Done for keeping up. Love the background on no.24. Your creations are so inspiring. Good Luck with the rest.xx