Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hey hey it's the Monkees

Over on Elaine's blog she is looking for new names for her two monkies. Go leave her a suggestion. I've left mine. tee hee

Talking monkies I forgot to show you these photos of Funky on the journey back from Menorca. I felt very guilty about shoving him in the suitcase on the flight going out that I thought I would let him ride inside the cabin on the way home.

He had a seat to begin with until the flight filled up

and then had to sit on the seat tray for the rest of the journey apart from take off and landing when he went under the seat. lol

He was a little scared when he looked out the window to see we were above the clouds.
And then decided it was better not to look.
He has recovered from his adventure and looks forward to see his photo album real soon. Well it won't be that soon as I haven't begun it yet. ;)

Thanks for stopping by. x


Karen said...

Awe bless him!!!! Did he bring back any souveniers then??? X

Caroline said...

love the monkey

Traceyr said...

Sorry Karen no souveniers were brought back by Funky - he stayed in the hotel when we visited the Gin distillery! haha


Janice said...

Hee hee hee at Funky Monkey

Hazel said...

Love the pictures of Funky - they've cheered up my evening. What a spoil sport not letting him go to the distillery. x

Gez said...

Fabby photos. Glad to see Funky had his sun hat with him.xx