Saturday, 12 September 2009

You need hands ......

Come on sing along and don't tell me you are all too young to remember Max Bygraves lol. My Nan's favourite.

Well don't worry this is not a kareoke night hahaha I just wanted to show you two more of my 52Q cards one of which sports hands - get it?

Right. Here they are.

Question 25

and question 27

I found this image in a glossy magazine and thought it would look good on something so used on a tag.

Yes I know I have missed out Q26 but I am waiting for photos to arrive before I can finish it off. Check back next week and fingers crossed it should be here.

Thanks for stopping by.


Karen said...

WOO!!! 2 more!!! well done honey XXX

Gez said...

BIG ((hugs)) from me too....xx

Your cards are fabby Tracey. Glad I don't have to sing tho! hehe.xx

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

tracy said...

i know of max but couldn't name a song !!!

nice work there tracey :)

Janice said...

Aw I love the hugs one, have one from me too! As for the other one - relaxed yes, mature ha ha ha ha!

Luvs ya XXX

Hazel said...

Perhaps a combination of relaxed and mature? No, probably more likely relaxed! lol! Love the hugs tag x

Kaz said...

Brilliant hands Tracey!! Hugs are great aren't they?

Am saying nothing about the maturing bit!!

It is a lovely image.

Kathy said...

These are great Tracey - especially love your little Hand-Monster, or whatever you want to call him!

Angelnorth said...

Fab hug tag, I love that one! I'm sure everyone is just jealous of your maturity sweetie, don't you listen to them :o)

bryna said...

i love this idea!