Tuesday, 1 June 2010

First Post in June

Hello there

Welcome to my first blog post of June. Today I went to the London Science Museum with my son, Kris, and dispite the constant rain - which was ok as we were inside most of the day - we had a throughly good day.

Sat in the IMAX cinema and watched an amazing film about the Hubble Space Telescope in 3D - wow you felt as though you were actually there in space! We did want to visit the Natural History Museum as well but we were enjoying ourselves far to much at the Science Museum and didn't have time enough for it - nevermind.

On the way out we spotted this little elephant isn't he gorgeous?

He is one of hundreds of decorated elephants taking part in the London Elephant Parade to raise awareness of the plight of Asian Elephants across the world. This little chap is Phoolan number 66. I had heard the parade was taking place and hoped that on our travels around London today we would spot one and this little chap was sitting right outside!

This side of him is beautifully decorated with hundreds of little tiles.

Here's a close up of the artwork
The otherside of him is the reality of what these elephants have to face to exist.

They are hunted by man, killed for ivory, maimed by landmines and their homes are reduced to deforestation. If you would like to find out more visit the Elephant Family website.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Karen said...

What a stunning, beautifully decorated elephant....and what a brilliant way to showcase their plight. So glad you showed us that XXX

tracy said...

WOW!!! what apowerful image that is!! very well done too :)

Kaz said...

I love that elephant Tracey, especially the quotes on the hearts. Thanks for the close up of them.
Glad you two had a fab day - I love the Science museum xxx

Gez said...

awe, the heffalumps look FAB Tracey. Sounds like a wonderful day out. Hope you get to go the the History Museum nest time.xx

Stefan said...

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for writing about Elephant Parade London. Your coverage and enthusiasm for our campaign helped make London’s biggest ever outdoor art exhibition an amazing success, helped publicise the plight of the Asian elephant, and helped us raise vital funds.

While the hearts and minds of the public have been captivated by our elephants, we wanted to follow up our success with a short animation about the parade as a thanks and call out for further support. Although the elephants have disappeared from London, we still need help to make sure they don’t disappear from Asia. You can help us again.

You can watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YrnaMYb7fg.

Thank you for your support.