Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sunny Second of June!

Well what a difference a day makes! The weather today was glorious and just right for my daughter Kat and myself to go the St. Albans.

The bus journey was as eventful as always and the least said about the passengers the better! eek! haha but what the bus trip lacked in style our St Albans excursion made up for in surprises.

Concentrated our attentions to the market and the quirky little shops around St. Albans today - only visited Boots briefly so no other major chain stores visited. woop woop! I never realised that there were so many diverse shops around! Brilliant.

The market in St Albans is held every Wednesday and Saturday. We usually go on a Saturday but it is heaving with shoppers. It was busy today but not so bad I thought.

Bought this cake on one of the stalls ... it smells devine!

ok it is not really a cake but a deliciously smelling soap called Kiwi Cheesecake. haha Did I have you there for a moment? ;)

I also bought a canvas shoulder bag for the bargain price of £5.99 and then it was time for lunch. I have to thank Anjie for putting me onto this place. It featured on her blog a little while back and I only wished I had visited sooner. The Courtyard Cafe is a delight!

I sat here.

Kat and I had a tasty lunch, in eclectric surroundings and at a very reasonable price too. I had a freshly made ham (cut from the bone) salad sandwich and Kat had Salmon and Dill quiche with couscous and salad. The Raspberry Bakewell Tart was heavenly and so were the waffles, ice-cream, bananas and maple syrup ..... is your mouth watering yet? hahaha we shall certainly be paying this cafe a return visit very soon!

Another first today was a visit to St Albans Museum (lived in Hertfordshire for 17 years and not visited very bad). It is a lovely little museum and at the moment is showing a Stanley Kubrick exhibition. Fascinating and even got to see a real Oscar Award! If you get the chance go along it is on until September.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings - hope you visit again soon. x


Janice said...

Looks fab Tracey. Yes you had me fooled although I wasn't too keen on the green jelly bit lol!

tracy said...

well you had me with that cake-i was sat here thinking'it's rather green,i hope tracey didn't really eat it' LOL
sounds like you had another lovely day out tracey :)

Karen said...

haha got me fooled about the soap...I was going to comment that green jelly would be quite tasty on a cheesecake!!!!!!

Sounds like you had a fabulous day with Kate XXX

Kaz said...

I was fooled too by the soap! What a lovely day you had again today, the lunch sounds scrummy.
What are you up to today then? xx

Kathy said...

It's ages and ages since we went to St Albans (such a nightmare to park there) I must remember the cafe place for when we do next brave the place.

Yep, you got me! I was just thinking "is it a Grasshopper pie" and cringing at bit at how green the icing was....

Gez said...

Awe, sounds like you had a fun day. Love your SOAP! I was just thinking omg how many E numbers are there in that!! haha... Hope you get to go again soon. We NEED to see your new bag Mrs! xx

Carol said...

umm well I'm with the others on the soap - I was thinking how green is that? what is it? key lime?? lolxx

Your lunch sounds lovely - glad to hear that you and Kat had a good day out xx

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing your 'ramblings' and photos. And I got caught by the 'cake' - wondering just what they had put in it to make it such a deep lime green! x