Monday, 3 January 2011

November and December in January ???

That is my 365 Challenge Calendar finally finish ...... no too bad as it is only the 3rd January today :)

I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with this and thanks Kate for the wonderful inspiration for this and for everyone who has taken part and for their ideas that I have sometimes sneaked into my calendar tee hee. As you can see (if you are as nosy as me and enlarge the pages) the end of this year has not been too healthy for me and the family :( We are all crossing fingers for a healthier 2011.

I will not be doing this challenge again in 2011 but do visit Kate's Blog "The Kathryn Wheel" and have a go yourself.


Karen said...

Its been really lovely to see your pages Tracey...they have been really colourful. I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed seeing them! xxx

thekathrynwheel said...

How lovely to see your final pages, I have really enjoyed seeing your wonderful pages throughout the year. Thanks so much for taking part in the 2010 challenge.
Hope you feel better soon x

~ Lorrie ~ said...

Hello, I'm Lorrie. Just for fun, I clicked "Next Blog" when I was on my blog. What a surprise. I am also a scrapper and just finished up my Project 365 blog as well. Love your creations. My blog is

Gez said...

Well Done for making it to the end Tracey. I have loved seeing your pages & it's been great knowing you have been there with me each month! Hope everyone is on the mend. Love Gez.xx