Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring fever?

Hope you remembered to put your clocks forward (those of you in the UK that is) I didn't need to as my DAB Bug does it automatically, so I was up at 8.30 (really 7.30 but ssssh don't tell my brain or I will go to bed far too early :) )

Today I want to share another journal page with you. This one has been in progress for sometime as I doodle and wipe my waterbrush over several pages to clean it and if I have any "spare" paint left over after a project I just wipe it on a clean page. So this page did have flowers all over it and then I doodled some mountains and there it stayed for ages.

I found a "rubbish" dictionary that Kris had but the pages were falling out so I took charge of it (to recycle it of course) and made the house. Sorting through my desk I found this house that Gez made me so I decided to incorporate that too. Gez's house is hinged as it has a little message on the back.

The "creatures" on this page look rather weird because originally they all started out as flowers haha. After gessoing over the flowers some were very persistant and kept peeking through so hence the rather demented looking birds and fat bumblebee (see another one!) And just in case you were wondering what the brown things are on the hills ...... they are rabbits tee hee.

Well enjoy the rest of your Sunday. x


Patti said...

Your creativity is OH SO INSPIRING... thank you for posting as it gets my creative juices flowing!

Kaz said...

This is so bright and lovely Tracey - love the colours, very springlike xxx

Karen said...

This is such a gorgeous page my lovely!!! It sings Spring!!! xxx

Gez said...

Fab page the idea of using left over paint on other pages.. it was a lovely surprise to see the little house :)

Hope you get plenty of crafting time this hols.xx